Aikido Chat


Hi, and Welcome to the Aikido chat Discord server. This is a quick guide for new members.

The aim of the server is to have somewhere where we can talk about what we're doing or thinking about in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as making new friends.

New members cannot access the #aikido_talk channel. You MUST introduce yourself and your reason for being on the server in #new_members. This is unfortunately necessary as a result of people joining just to troll.

If you're not familiar with Aikido, it is (when practiced properly) a means to develop an integrated ("Aiki") body. It is NOT a fighting art.

The members consist of a variety of people from a number of Aikido "styles" in a number of countries, ranging from Japan/Aikikai to Europe/Tissier and Australia/Yoshinkan as well as various independant people. There are also people who have practiced more than just Aikido, including grappling, striking arts and "internal power" training. We don't have an attitude about what we practice, so even if you primarily don't practice Aikido, or just want to discuss martial arts in general, feel free to banter in the #other_ma channel.

First of all, don't panic if you start chatting about something in the wrong channel. We all screw it up all the time. If you find yourself going off-topic, please switch to the correct channel for it.


- For new members to introduce themselves and discuss Aikido.

#aikido_talk - The main channel for Aikido chat. Please move the talk elsewhere if it isn't going to be about Aikido.

#aikidokas - Please post a line or two about yourself and/or your martial arts background as others have done.

#injuries - Created because we keep doing stupid things during training or just show off our yonkyo bruises.

#equipment - I think Cass started this one when she was looking for a bokken, but I could be wrong. We usually use it when we want to talk about gear and are trying to choose what to buy.

#pics-and-humor - For the silly gifs etc.

#telesummit_chat - Was in use during the video telesummit.

#internal_power - For those of us working on "Aiki" or similar. Mostly students of Allan Beebe and Dan Harden, but discussion of any conditioning exercises or the science behind power and martial arts.
#other_ma - Other or general martial arts discussion. We often chat about other arts we've seen, done, or have friends who do.

#offtopic - For everything else.

Other stuff:

We usually tag (give roles) to people including their rank, organisation and maybe location. The user list is currently ordered by location. We all know that rank is somewhat meaningless, especially given organisational variation, but it gives everyone an idea roughly where everyone is at.

We often get people joining who, finding that we're one of very few publicly listed martial arts Discords, come and ask what martial art to do, hoping that we'll be able to give them some kind of definitive answer. I'm sorry, but that's not possible. Please go and read "Meditations on Violence" first. Other than that, our advice is this: Go and check out the different martial arts that are around you, and find a dojo with a teacher that you feel good about. A good dojo will allow you to watch any classes, have a friendly, supportive teacher who is up-front and honest about their credentials, and allow you a trial lesson or lessons.